Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are You Too Close to Your Coworkers?

What’s the most stressful part of your job? Public speaking? Strict deadlines? The work itself? I might step out on a limb here and wager a guess that it’s none of the above – but instead, office politics.

I’ve noticed that many people tend to get caught up with the social and political aspect of working in their respective industries. While it’s great to network, communicate and relate to your colleagues and coworkers, getting too close can sometimes lead to drama in the workplace and affect your work.

My advice? Keep it professional and high level. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make friends and get to know the people you work with all day every day, but I think it’s important not to get too personal. Believe me, your coworkers don’t really want to know all about how your brother is the spoiled one in the family and that it’s not fair. It’s just too much information and gives people a reason to gossip.

Remember, at the end of the day, these are the people that either report to you or vice versa – so forming respectful and professional relationships is the key to success in the workplace.