Monday, June 18, 2007

Entrepreneurs – Born or Bred?

A question that has often been the subject of debate for decades, yet still no answers are set in stone. There is this perception that entrepreneurs are go-getting risk takers that don’t take no for an answer and possess an innate ability to thrive in settings that don’t always offer that level of stability and comfort that the regular 9-5 desk job does.

Yet not all entrepreneurs fit this stereotype and do not have to in order to find success. One does not have to be born with the defining characteristics that make up the typical entrepreneur, but it does require pro-active efforts and good old fashioned hard work. It also has to do with an individual’s mindset – a positive outlook can go a long way and if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Check out this fascinating study – Your Personality Can Change (and Probably Should). Starting a business can be a scary endeavor, and supporting friends and family may have their hesitations. In these times it is critical to stick to your guns if you feel it in your gut.

Speaking from personal experience, I had an advantage in that my father already had his foot in the industry door. However not all of it came naturally, I had to become a student and read as much as possible – whether it be about industry news or influential leaders – the past can always hold a key to the future. In the end, entrepreneurship is a combination of abilities that an individual is born with coupled with the drive, determination and passion that it takes to go for it.